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Rou Gui

Rou Gui
Rou Gui

"Action: Kidney Yang deficiency and deficiency of Ming-Men Fire with aversion to cold, cold limbs, weak back, impotence and urinary frequency, spleen and kidney Yang deficiency with abdominal pain and cold, reduced appetite and diarrhea, kidney unable to grasp Qi, heart Yang deficiency, particularly with chest Bi, deep cold causing Qi stagnation or blood stasis with cold in the blood causing amenorrhea or dysmenorrhea, cold-damp Bi, Yin-type boils (chronic sores that are usually concave and ooze a clear fluid), and sores or abscesses that do not heal, it enters the blood aspect and, in small amounts, enhances the blood moving action of other substances, upward floating of deficient Yang (False Heat, True Cold or Heat Above and Cold Below) with flushed face, wheezing, severe sweating (the sweat pours out like oil), weak and cold lower extremities and a deficient and rootless pulse, any condition with heat in the upper body (dry mouth, sore throat, or tooth which is worse at night) and cold in the lower body (Lower back pain, cold lower extremities, diarrhea and weakness in the proximal portion of the pulse), chronic Qi and blood deficiency (auxiliary)."

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