Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang

Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang

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60gr/ 50 tbl

Action: Chronic stabbing pain in the chest, pain in the hypochondrium, chronic, stubborn headache with a fixed, piercing quality, palpitations, chronic incessant hiccups, five sole heat, choking sensation when drinking, dry heaves, depression or low spirits with a sensation of warmth in the chest, chest distention, dry, scaly skin, dark rings under the eyes, spider naevi on the cheeks, nose, trunk, inner knee and ankle, dizziness, chronic tinnitus, chronic gum disease with dark, purplish, patchy or dark, red atrophic gums, loose teeth, painful receding gums, frequently bleeding gums, vomiting after intake of water, palpitations, persistent daytime drowsiness, insomnia (persistent with much dreaming), restless sleep, forgetfulness, irritability, fidgeting, a bad temper, extreme mood swings, evening tidal fever, dark or purplish lips, conjunctiva or nail beds, dark complexion, dark sclera, hair loss on the head and body.