Welcome Fragrance

Welcome Fragrance

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50gr/60 tbl

Actions: Dispels Exterior Wind, Opens the nasal passages, Clears Heat, Strengthens the activities of the contractile elements in the nasal cavity, Disperses Wind-Heat.

Indications: Sneezing, Loss of sense of smell, Epistaxis, Runny nose, Stuffy nose, Allergic rhinitis, Nasal polyps, Swelling of the face, Sensation of ants crawling on the face, Hyposmia, Cannot smell even stinking odors, Hemiplegia with deviation of the mouth, Swelling of the lips, Subcutaneous edema, Difficulty breathing, Round worms in the bile duct, Pus in the nose, Deafness, Nasal congestion, Nasal congestion and discharge, Pain and swelling of the lip, Dyspnea, Cracked lips, Common cold with nasal obstruction, Sinusitis, Wind Cold Invasion, Wind-Heat Invasion, Facial paralysis, Trigeminal neuralgia, Tic, Nasal obstruction, Deviation of the mouth and eyes, Eating up the face, Suffocation, Rhinorrheam, Itching of the face, Inability to distinguish odors, Nasosinusitis, Inflammation of facial structures, Acute and chronic rhinitis, Oppression, Stridor, Sensation of a wound in the nose, Dermatoses, Profuse nasal discharge, Nasal sores, Heat and redness of the eyes, Facial eczema, Facial acne.