Penetrating Vessel

Penetrating Vessel

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50gr/60 tbl

Action: Subdue rebellious Qi, harmonize the Penetrating Vessel, tonify the Kid177 neys, nourish Blood, calm the Mind.

Indications: Hypogastric distension, lower abdominalpain, fullness and distension, umbilical fullness, epigastric fullness and distension, tightness of the chest, a feeling of oppression of the chest, hypochondrial distension, soreness and distension of the breasts, slight breathlessness, sighing, palpitations, a feeling of constriction in the throat, a dry mouth with no desire to drink, anxiety, agitation, worry, pale complexion, eyes without Shen (glitter) and slightly uncontrolled, cold feet, a panicky feeling, irregular periods, painful periods, premenstrual tension, a feeling of heat in the face, backache, tiredness, blurred vision and scanty periods.